explaining it to a 3 year old
Published on March 17, 2009 By Dancing in the Rain In Parenting

Today I woke up and was reminded that today is St. Patrick's Day.  Being someone who doesn't look good wearing green I got dressed and put on a green necklace given to me by my roommate.  I woke up Nicholas and thought I might try and explain today what today was. 


I woke him up and said, "hey buddy, guess what, today we get to wear your favorite color."

"Green?" he asked. "Wahoo"

Then I asked him if he knew why we wore green today and he said no so I went on to explain to him that today we honored St. Patrick by wearing green.

He looked at me rather confused and said, "Mom, Patrick is on Sponge Bob and he IS NOT green he is red!"

I chuckled and said yes that I realized that there was a Patrick on Sponge Bob but that this was a different Patrick.

He sat for a minute like he was trying to think of all the Patricks we knew and then looked at me and said,

"Whatever" and walked away.


Perhaps Sponge Bob could come out with an epsiode explaining St. Patrick's Day where they think that it celebrates Patrick perhaps that might make more sense.


on Mar 17, 2009

When the girls were little, this was one of our favorite holidays.  I would carry around green food coloring and magically, all their food would turn green.  They never caught me.  They would search the house for clues of leprechauns (sp?) and bring me bits of fuzz and strings and such that they found, which proved to them that there was one around and proved to me what a bad housekeeper I was!

on Mar 18, 2009

LoL That's great! He's still a little young for that yet but I'll keep that in mind

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